Description of Practical Semester

Description of Practical Semester

Technological Practice (1 semester, 18 weeks) -  is carried out in the agricultural, service and manufacturing enterprises staffed with trained personnel  and production and technological potential, with which the University signs the written contract.

The purpose of production (technological) practice of masters - studying and doing well with  principles, methods, techniques and approaches offering  the   management services in the field of professional activity of a manager, getting practical skills, keeping up the motivation for the innovative development of industrial organization.

The main tasks of technological practice:

- give the masters integral ideas of productive (technology) activities, technological systems and the structure of  manufacturing enterprises;

- develop masters’ steady skills of practical application of productive knowledge obtained in the course of theoretical training;

- develop of productive understanding of masters, getting and improving steady skills of work at the factory;

-  give the masters  access to real problems and tasks solved at the factory;

- studying of methods, principles, techniques  of agroindustrial activity;

- develop masters’ personal and professional qualities for managing, getting  administrative skills.



Sections (stages) of practice

Forms of current



 The organizational stage:

 - carrying out the general organizational meeting of masters;

 - giving the tasks for practice;

- to prepare and issue the practice order: location and supervisor.




 Preparatory stage:

- development of individual schedule of practice.





 Production (technological) stage:

 - studying of the content of modern agrarian technologies;

 - becoming familiar with production schedules;

 - studying of technological documentation on branches of the enterprise;

 - visiting  structural divisions of the enterprise;

 - participation in briefings, planning meetings, production meetings;

 - participation in planning of technological processes and operations;

 - participation in an assessment of technological processes and operations, discussion of results of their carrying out;

- studying of technological documentation;

- preparation of the report on practice.

section of the report



 The final stage - giving the report at the end of practice.


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